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Online Bingo Players

If someone had asked you to describe a typical bingo player twenty or even ten years ago, you'd probably have an older lady in mind, gathering with her friends at the local community centre on a weekday night to play bingo. She'd be armed with a selection of dabbers, to mark the numbers off on her cards and her reading glasses, of course. There'd be a deathly quiet that fell over the bingo hall to make sure that no-one disturbed players during the number calls and the only chat would be in between games.

Times have changed though, and with the massive uptake of online bingo it's become impossible to say there's a stereotypical bingo player out there. Bingo appeals to a wide range of people, of all ages and both sexes. From students to busy executives, stay at home mothers and retirees, anyone and everyone can enjoy a huge range of bingo games at home.

While it's true that there isn't one stereotypical online bingo player, there are certain types of online bingo player. We list a few here - which one sounds like you?

The night owl - The student or young professional in his twenties who comes home after a night on the town and is too wired to sleep. Instead, he gets into some online bingo, either playing for free on Facebook or putting down some real cash on a few different games. It's not really about going for a big win - it's just a great way to unwind after a night out.

'Me time' mom - Mothers with young children have very little time to themselves. They're either busy with the kids or out at work and evenings tend to disappear on catching up with household chores. Some online bingo players schedule a little 'me time' once or twice a week to catch up with their bingo buddies online and enjoy some games while they're there.

The full time gamer - Some people love to game, and they like a bit of variety in the games that they play. Although they might spend most of their time on blackjack or poker, sometimes they switch to games of chance like bingo, just to keep things interesting. No-one ever knows when or where that big win will come from. It could be at the poker table or it could be on the next game of bingo.

The silver surfer - it's true that there are plenty of internet savvy older people out there, so online bingo isn't only the domain of the under-50s. Plenty of retirees enjoy online bingo just as much as the traditional version. And playing online doesn't exclude going to the community centre games - it just increases the chances of winning!

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