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How Sports Betting Works

If you love sports, predicting and placing a stake or wager on your preferred team, can earn you money in online sportsbetting. While you can easily bet on almost all kinds of games played globally, the most common ones in Europe include football leagues, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, baseball, hand ball, formula 1, cycling and golf.

How odds work

Online sportsbetting is more like the traditional sports betting only that with online stakes you don't have to go to the casino. You can place your bet from anywhere in the world and it will be valid. Most games have binary results; i.e. either of the playing teams can win. Football matches may produce any of three results; a win, draw or lose. Betting sites will have pre identified odds for each possible result.

An odd is more like the probability of a team winning a game. In Europe odds may be presented in a decimal format (for example 1.50) or fraction (1/2). The odd will depend on the assessed likelihood of the team winning, previous history between the two teams among other factors. An odd of 1.5 means that a team has about 67% chances of winning the game.

If you place a multiple bet, one bet with several predictions for different matches, then the odds are multiplied to give one product that is then multiplied with your wager in the bet. On the other hand if you place several individual bets, each single wager will be multiplied by its odd and the total of your bet will be the sum of all the single bets you place.

Book making

In betting language a book maker is the organization or person that collects bets with previously agreed odds. For online sportsbetting, the bookmaker is an online site; and there are plenty in Europe. Bookmakers work more like insurance firms by spreading their risk. They still make money despite the outcome of the game; they act as market makers.

How do you win with online sports betting?

Each time you place a correct bet your account is debited with the total of the product of the wager and the odd. If you place a 50 pound wager on a game with an odd of 1.5 then your possible win is 75 pounds. The amount will multiply greatly if you placed multiple bets since all the odds will be multiplied together.

You can see all these odds in action and in official format at a site like Titanbet. There you can see the current odds for all the upcoming matches. If you like what you see, you can sign up and place bets on those exact odds.