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The Handlers at the Craps Table

When it comes to the heavy artillery there is no table game in the brick and mortar casino that takes more management than the Craps table.

When you consider the size of the online slots games table, and the sheer number of possible betting computations, coupled with the sheer number of players, you realise that this makes sense.

So who are these controllers of the dice? If you're a Unibet fan, read on and learn!

The Stick Person

Easily recognisable as the man holding the long stick, the stick person's job is to control the dice and he does this by using - you've guesed it - a long wooden stick.

The Stick Person is important because he, or she, controls the pace of the Codes for Casinos game, but they also figure out the long shot bets in the middle of the table before passing the information onto the Base Dealer

The Base Dealer

These are the dealers who are in the middle of the action. They are responsible for paying out the bets, creating change and helping the players figure out their bets when they need it. Pass line bets, place bets, odds bets, lay bets and come bets are all the responsibility of the Base Dealer.

The Box Person

The Box Person is situated in the middle of the table and oversees the action, and acts as a sort of supervisory presence for both the players and the dealers.

The Floor Person

This person stands away from the game and monitors it from afar. Their main concern is to assist the Box Person and make sure the game is running smoothly and with undue fuss.

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